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Unlock Your Body’s Natural Healing Potential with Acupuncture

Originating from ancient Chinese medical practices, acupuncture operates on the principle of harmonizing the body’s vital energy, or “Qi” (pronounced “chi”). By inserting ultra-fine needles into precise points on the body, it facilitates a re-balance of energy pathways, fostering natural healing and well being.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture’s holistic approach does more than just alleviate pain; it encourages the body to release endorphins, our natural painkillers, and promotes enhanced blood flow. This time-honored treatment can be a remedy for a myriad of conditions, including, but not limited to:

Whether you are seeking relief from specific symptoms or aspire to attain a higher level of overall wellness, acupuncture offers a non-invasive, personalized solution to meet your health goals.

Discover the transformative benefits of acupuncture right here in Fairfax, VA. At Gentle Wellness Center, you will be under the careful guidance of our expert Chinese Herbal Medicine Acupuncturist, Dr. Muyu Zhou. Dr. Muyu is here to thoroughly understand your medical history and collaborate with you to craft a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to start your journey towards enhanced well being; book your appointment today.

Common Areas Treated with Acupuncture

Back and Neck

Alleviates chronic pain and tension.


Provides relief from migraines and tension headaches.


Addresses arthritis and joint pain.

Digestive System

Helps with issues like IBS and indigestion.

Respiratory System

Treats conditions like asthma and allergies.

Reproductive System

Aids in fertility issues and menstrual pain.


Can be used for conditions like eczema and acne.


Addresses issues like dry eyes and vision problems.

Mental Health

Helps with anxiety, depression, and stress.

Immune System

Boosts the body’s natural defenses against illnesses.

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Our Provider

Dr. Muyu Zhou


Almost anyone can benefit from acupuncture. It’s suitable for people of all ages and can address various health concerns.

It varies from individual to individual and depends on the treated condition, but most patients notice improvements after a few sessions.

The duration of results can vary. Some people experience relief for weeks or months, while others may need regular sessions to maintain the benefits.

Acupuncture is generally safe with minimal side effects. Some people might experience slight bruising or soreness at the needle sites, but this is temporary.

Before treatment, eating a light meal and avoiding caffeine is best. Stay hydrated after treatment and avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day.

During the session, thin needles will be inserted into specific points on your body. You might feel a slight pinch or tingling sensation, followed by relaxation.

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